VOAR: What is it and why it matters.

The threat of cyber-attacks is on the rise. To defend your organization against these evolving threats, you must have up-to-date information about vulnerabilities in your network and systems. But what if identifying, remediating, and reporting vulnerabilities is time-consuming, requires manual efforts, and doesn’t scale? Enter VOAR (Vulnerability Orchestration and Reporting).


VOAR is a security technology that continuously collects and analyzes vulnerability data. It measures risk, analyzes trends, and helps you prioritize repairs. VOAR is unique because it allows you to analyze vulnerabilities across your entire environment simultaneously instead of just one server or application at a time. As well as removing the old way of working through Excel sheets, pivot tables, and charts.


VOAR’s automated security intelligence empowers organizations to:


  • Reduce their attack surface, improving their security and reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Improve their security metrics to meet compliance requirements.
  • Improve reporting to all IT and security staff on vulnerability and risk trends.


VOAR also helps alleviate the headaches of repetitive tasks by automating the identification, prioritization, and tracking of vulnerabilities. By tracking vulnerabilities from day one and mapping those vulnerabilities to enterprise SLAs, or even device-specific SLAs, this automation allows you to ensure you stay on track with patching or risk accepting issues lurking in your environment.


Creating a holistic view of risk means having a complete understanding of your network’s security posture. It means knowing what vulnerabilities exist, where they are located, and how many there are. It also means understanding the extent to which your network is exposed to those vulnerabilities. Finally, it’s vital for IT teams to recognize the degree to which their systems are vulnerable to attacks on account of these weaknesses.


The VOAR approach helps you achieve this by providing information about all known threats across an organization’s entire infrastructure—and then mapping them onto the devices and applications in use within that infrastructure. The result is a clear picture of how each vulnerability affects various parts of your infrastructure so you can prioritize security efforts based on their true impact on day-to-day operations rather than relying solely on guesswork or incomplete data sets.


VOAR brings vulnerability management into the modern era with the single overall goal of removing the manual tasks commonly performed in Excel and PowerPoint. Using automated security intelligence, VOAR alleviates repetitive tasks, creates a holistic view of vulnerabilities and risks, and helps reduce exposure to your organization’s most impactful vulnerabilities.

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