Asset Discovery and Scanning

Vector0 provides the most thorough ASM discovery and integrated scanning in the industry, bar none.

Discover Everything,
No Exceptions

The problem with every other ASM product on the market is that they view attack surfaces as just a small portion of what they really are. They look at the external network with subpar discovery methods and the internal network from an agentless perspective. You can’t see the attack surface that is on the device itself with this limited intelligence approach to ASM. Meanwhile, Vector0 takes an offensive stance and boasts unmatched misconfiguration and zero-day asset discovery and scanning capabilities.


We approach ASM like a hacker would to stay one step ahead of an attack.


Internal, external, cloud-based or on-prem — Vector0 finds everything.


Vector0 works seamlessly with a host of vulnerability scanners.


Improve workflows and efficiencies by eliminating tedious manual tasks and updates.


Identify systems that are well placed (and not well placed) in the environment.


Everything is accounted for continuously — offline servers, network port changes, new assets, etc.


Offensive in Nature

A defensive security approach isn’t enough in today’s threat landscape. Instead, we act like a hacker and get aggressive to stay a step ahead of bad actors.


Expanded Search Functionality

Our internal micro-service design allows us to capture more attack surface and asset discovery and scanning than any other tool on the market.


Seamless Integrations

Vector0 allows for easy integration with 3rd-party vulnerability scanners such as
Tenable and Snyk.


Wholly Automated

Auto-complete tasks such as marking items as remediated when no longer showing up on vulnerability scans, alerting clients about servers being offline, and more.


Asset Visibility

Vector0 includes assets that are both in-use assets and dormant assets which are often overlooked because they’re not actively in-use.


Asset Alerts

If an attacker makes a breach or a port is inadvertently opened to the world, Vector0 can immediately alert security teams of the pending issue as a network asset discovery tool.

Experience the Power of Vector0

Gain visibility into the true depth and breadth of your potential attack surface — along with suggested fixes.

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