Reporting and Metrics

Measuring Vector0's effectiveness is made possible by comparative cybersecurity reporting and trend mapping. We’ll help you master the metrics.

Monitor, Track and Measure

The Vector0 platform has a host of meaningful metrics and reporting capabilities built in. Vulnerability scan coverage compares what risks other ASM tools are finding against what Vector0 is able to uncover. Risk-accepted documentation breaks down which issues have been deemed acceptable. Vector0 tracks trends, past-due service-level agreements, and much more with advanced cybersecurity reporting and metrics.

Business Context

Vector0 gathers all necessary context to stop every possible threat.

Straightforward Guidance

Network security teams won’t be left in the dark about next steps.

Confirm Resolution

Was it truly fixed? Our confirmation reports give you peace of mind.

Trends Tracking

Spot patterns in your ASM coverage and export related reports.

Report Sharing

Keep critical stakeholders and team members in the loop about your risk landscape.


Using Context to Identify the Biggest Risks

When you have all the necessary information about an attack vector and think like a hacker, it’s easier to identify which threats are most concerning with robust cybersecurity reporting.


Detailed Action Steps for Effective Remediation

Once risks are found, Vector0 provides simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand directions for eradicating the threat once and for all.


Keep Track of What’s Been Fixed in Real-Time

Have complete confidence the job has been completed with full reports on confirmed resolution — as well as monitoring progress toward team security goals.


Analyze Data and Export Related Reports

Every asset and vulnerability is constantly monitored and updated, giving you the ability to review the organization’s security posture improvements.


Customizable Dashboards for Easy Sharing

Vector0 can help create reports for any purpose — from providing ongoing training for employees to presenting quarterly progress to a Board of Directors.

Experience the Power of Vector0

Gain visibility into the true depth and breadth of your potential attack surface.

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