The Only Complete ASM Platform

Vector0 takes Attack Surface Management farther than any other ASM on the market.


Finally, A Complete Picture That Reflects Your REAL Attack Surface

Vector0 takes Attack Surface Management farther than any other attack surface management platform on the market by scanning and associating customer assets externally and internally, integrating with leading vulnerability scanners, and reporting on risk and remediation efforts.

Complete Picture

Expose every possible vulnerability.

Offensive, Proactive Posture

Playing defense isn’t enough.

Continual 24/7/365 Lights-Out Testing

Security while you sleep.

100% Automated

Eliminate inefficient manual tasks.

Spend Time Solving Security, Not Finding Them

Focus on what matters.

How Vector0 Works

Vector0's Capabilities


Detailed Discovery and Mapping

Most organizations are uninformed about the attack surface volume they must manage — and are unprepared to proactively prevent a cybersecurity disaster.


Non-Stop Performance Testing

To get the most out of an attack surface management platform, it must be trained and tested repeatedly. Countless enterprises have fallen victim to a cyberattack simply because they didn’t have a solution that adapted and expanded with its digital footprint.


Gathering the Proper Context

Vector0 documents a proper context of an asset’s true risk by detailing characteristics such as IP address, owner, purpose, usage, device type, connections and more.


Vulnerability Orchestration and Reporting (VOAR)

Vector0 scans for misconfigurations and 0-day vulnerabilities, and pulls data from internal scanners to map the entire attack surface — identifying potential threats, exposing risk levels, suggesting remediation steps, and prioritizing the list of issues.


Fixing Each Problem Completely

Finding the critical vulnerabilities within your attack surface is one thing; eliminating them is another. The Vector0 platform helps you achieve both with customizable configurations and automated features to lessen the stress on your security operations team.

Team Structures

Having complete access to every report, tool, or platform can be distracting. Vector0 neutralizes the noise by providing exclusive role-based access and team tags for specific assets so employees only see what they are responsible for.

Experience the Power of Vector0

Gain visibility into the true depth and breadth of your potential attack surface — along with suggested fixes.

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