Vulnerability Orchestration and Reporting (VOAR)

Vector0's ability to integrate with other scanners, report back vulnerabilities and suggest steps to fix them has revolutionized ASM.

Scan, Detect, Fix, Repeat

This is the VOAR model — Vector0 can act as a web vulnerability scanner using its own data as well as information from other on-site scanners. It maps the entire attack surface, identifies potential threats, reports back risk levels, offers security vulnerability remediation steps, and prioritizes the list of issues found.


Vulnerabilities can exist in the most unlikely of places.


Find every possible risk on every possible device.


Vector0 understands risk severity.


Not all attack vectors are created equal.


We suggest actions with the biggest impact.


Track vulnerabilities from the time they were first discovered and monitor and report on all changes.


Search Across Networks and Code

Vector0 integrates with static and dynamic code scanners to constantly identify any possible risks, and the platform provides a centralized view of all vulnerabilities found.


Unmatched Detection Capabilities

Finding the vulnerabilities that exist across your attack surface is the first step in providing a comprehensive solution that protects your organization from harm.


Deep Understanding of All Risks

With the ability to integrate with a host of other vulnerability scanners, Vector0 understands which risks are mission-critical.


Prioritize Based on Security Level

Vector0 has decades of red team experience baked into its algorithm for properly prioritizing and triaging as a web vulnerability scanner.


World-Class Remediation Measures

Vector0 provides guidance for how to solve every issue, and customers can choose the method of remediation that works best for their specific needs.


Track and Monitor Vulnerabilities Over Time

Vector0 tracks vulnerabilities and monitors changes from the day they were first discovered with historical reporting. And, vulnerabilities are mapped to enterprise SLA requirements or device-specific SLA.

Experience the Power of Vector0

Gain visibility into the true depth and breadth of your potential attack surface.

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