A New Way to Manage Your Attack Surface

In today’s ever-evolving security landscape, playing defense isn’t enough. Vector0 offers a proactive, offensive approach. It’s time to get bullish on security.

Stratascale an SHI Company to acquire Vector0 – read press release


Continuous Offensive Security, Realized

Most approaches to attack surface management (ASM) are like playing security Whac-A-Mole. A problem pops up, and you knock it back down — and repeat this cycle endlessly. Vector0 takes a completely different approach with its cybersecurity asset management platform.


Identify and close security gaps before they become mission-critical issues.


Our scans go broader and deeper, covering more attack surface area.


Get continual, 24/7/365, lights-out testing and suggested fixes.


The Cyber Insider Blogs: Security Insights, Realities and Hard Truths

Vector0 gives you a realistic view of today’s most relevant cybersecurity topics — written by a cybersecurity veteran insider.

Point-in-Time Vulnerability Scans: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

Businesses have never been more vulnerable to breaches and hacks.

VOAR: What is it and why it matters.

VOAR is a security technology that continuously collects and analyzes vulnerability data.

Modernizing Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management is no longer just about protecting a company's external network.

Experience the Power of Vector0

Gain visibility into the true depth and breadth of your potential attack surface — along with suggested fixes.


In Good Company

Numbers Speak

When it comes to quantifiable proof of Vector0’s unsurpassed excellence, the numbers don’t lie.

IPs Monitored

0 M

Domains Monitored

0 K

Apps Monitored


Certificates Monitored


Gain True Visibility Into Your Entire Attack Surface

Most organizations don’t understand the depth and breadth of their true attack surface. With 30 days of Vector0, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of all the potential attack vectors that could be putting your organization at risk. But there’s a lot more than just visibility. We’ll demonstrate how Vector0 helps you in cybersecurity asset management and take an offensive stance against cybersecurity risks — scanning your attack surface 24/7 and giving you proactive suggestions to mitigate risk.

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