Modernizing Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management is no longer just about protecting a company’s external network. In today’s digital landscape, the attack surface has dramatically expanded. Here at Vector0, we define a company’s attack surface as including the following:


  • External and Internal network assets
  • All applications from web to those installed on company devices
  • Cloud assets
  • SaaS products being leveraged
  • Content such as code hosted on GitHub

The data from network and web vulnerability scanners should also be included to give a deeper insight into the risks affecting those assets.


This is where Vector0’s flagship product, DarkWave, comes into play.


DarkWave is a comprehensive attack surface management tool that covers all the aspects of a company’s attack surface mentioned above. It allows companies to obtain a complete picture of their attack surface, enabling them to make informed decisions on how to reduce their attack surface and protect themselves from ever-growing cyber threats.


One of the critical features of DarkWave is its ability to map out a company’s external and internal footprint and integrate it with different vulnerability scanners. As a result, companies can use DarkWave to identify all their assets and consolidate the results from various scanners, giving them a complete picture of their attack surface. This makes it easier for companies to identify vulnerabilities and take action to reduce risk.


Another critical feature of DarkWave is its real-time monitoring of a company’s attack surface. As a result, companies can be alerted to potential vulnerabilities or changes to assets as they arise rather than waiting for a scheduled scan to identify them. This allows companies to take a proactive approach to attack surface management, which is crucial in today’s digital landscape.


In addition to the real-time monitoring that DarkWave provides, Vector0 also includes offensive-security-as-a-service capabilities. Experienced offensive security specialists continuously monitor a company’s attack surface, reduce false positives, and conduct penetration tests to meet compliance or audit requirements. Additionally, these experts conduct exploit development research to proactively identify 0day issues that criminal groups will eventually leverage to extort or damage companies. This helps bring vulnerability management and offensive security programs into the modern age and ensures that companies are adequately protected from cyber threats.


Overall, DarkWave is a powerful tool that enables companies to take a comprehensive approach to attack surface management. By covering all aspects of a company’s attack surface, integrating with different vulnerability scanners, and providing real-time monitoring and offensive-security-as-a-service capabilities, DarkWave helps companies protect themselves from cyber threats and reduce their attack surface.


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