DarkWave Overview

Vector0’s dynamic DarkWave platform allows security teams to gain industry-leading ASM capabilities.

Your Complete ASM Platform

DarkWave monitors clients external and internal networks, scanning for any assets belonging to the organization and identifying the risks each asset brings to the company.

Discovery and Mapping

Uncover and map out all your “unknown unknowns” so you can get a sense of your true threat landscape with external and internal network security checks.

Continual Testing

As your organization grows, so does its attack surface. DarkWave never stops testing to ensure all vectors are protected.

Gathering Context

Older systems can have muddled approaches to pertinent information, but DarkWave captures every detail.

Prioritizing Risks

DarkWave documents the most pressing fixes first. This approach prevents a potentially catastrophic data breach before it occurs.

Remediating Issues

DarkWave provides proactive suggestions to remediate attack surface vulnerabilities so you can spend time fixing, not finding.

Experience the Power of DarkWave

Gain visibility with our ASM Platform into the true depth and breadth of your potential attack surface.

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