Point-in-Time Vulnerability Scans: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

Businesses have never been more vulnerable to breaches and hacks. Even large enterprises with robust cybersecurity programs can fall victim. And cybercrime is only expected to skyrocket in the coming years. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cybercrime will cost the global economy $10.5 trillion by 2025 – a year-over-year increase of 15%.


As organizations build and improve their security postures, many continue to rely on point-in-time vulnerability risk assessments. While point-in-time vulnerability risk assessments can find vulnerabilities that occur at a single moment, they fail to monitor activity between assessments, which is when many breaches can occur.


Here are some steps to help get you that complete picture.


  • Start by looking at your vulnerabilities as a whole vs. point in time. Totality is vital in assessing your actual A comprehensive vulnerability management program must include everything that happens between those moments. Breaches occur even when you’re not watching. You need the complete picture. This can be accomplished by continuously scanning and monitoring all your assets.


  • Review your vulnerabilities regularly, not just one time per week. Look at the current state of trends vs. a once-per-week snapshot, which is too narrow in focus. Your goal should be to view your current state as trends and not one-off incidents, viewing vulnerabilities in terms of what went right, what went wrong, etc. Consider the story of a CISO evaluating the vulnerabilities of their enterprise. In reviewing the data, 5 out of 6 looked great. However, the sixth one ended up being the killer.


Finally, implement Attack Surface Management (ASM) tools to give you a holistic view of your vulnerabilities and assets. In doing so, you may be surprised at your organization’s vulnerability landscape.


Need help? Contact us to take a complete look at your vulnerability management program. Our team has the experience to give you a comprehensive look that your security team needs.

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