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Attack Surface Management

DarkWave: Attack Surface Management Designed to Solve Today's Most Complex Security Challenges

Cybersecurity today faces numerous challenges: an ongoing talent shortage; expensive, complex technology and tools, and gaps in monitoring that leave organizations vulnerable to attacks. 

Recognizing these challenges, Vector0 launched DarkWave to help organizations better manage the complex realities of securing a large, constantly evolving IT footprint.

DarkWave is a complete end-to-end solution for asset discovery and vulnerability management. It provides an effective way for organizations to monitor the security posture of their infrastructure and reduce risks continuously.

Focused Automation

DarkWave’s automation improves efficiency by mapping out client external networks, reducing false positives, and quickly identifying changes within a network.

Simplified Technology

DarkWave simplifies ASM by performing numerous steps automatically, beginning with asset discovery all the way through vulnerability, misconfiguration, and risk reporting.  

Continuous Monitoring

DarkWave provides near real-time monitoring of all your assets, seeking out and protecting your corporate assets on a continuous 24/7 basis.

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Attack Surface Management

Darkwave Overview

Darkwave Features

Asset and Content Discovery

Asset Management and Categorization

Risk-based Vulnerability and Configuration Scanning

Valuable Reporting and Metrics

Darkwave Overview

With Quentin Rhoads

DarkWave is a new technology that leverages currting edge techniques to help your organization solve some of the more challenges aspects of managing the complex realities of securing a large IT footprint. We developed this platform to solve four major challenges that face organization and professionals in the field of cybersecurity today.

With these problems in mind, we created Darkwave. DarkWave seeks to solve several different problems, enhancing the ability for your organization to securely operate IT infrastructure at scale with the assurance that the infrastructure is running securely. DarkWave’s core technology provides the following features: